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TLG First Set Long 2.0
TLG First Set Long 2.0
TLG First Set Long 2.0
TLG First Set Long 2.0
TLG First Set Long 2.0

TLG First Set Long 2.0

The TLG First Set Long 2.0 is the perfect tool to engage young children in the wonderful game of golf. As your child learns how to grip the club and control the ball, their confidence will grow as will their love for the game. 

Your child can get the right grip from the very first swing! 
We have built these clubs for the kids who will be using them. We didn't simply shrink down an adult set to kid size. Our durable, lightweight clubs promote proper hinge and swing, while Littlest Grip Technology (LGT) ensures the right grip every time.

Designed for serious fun.
 With increased club loft, balls get higher in the air. Foam practice balls make it safer for outdoor and indoor play. The lightweight "Sunday Bag" provides ample room in the zippered-side pouch, your little golfer can keep the extra balls and gear with them as they play.

Help your littlest golfer feel like a pro and play like a pro! Makes a perfect gift for boys and girls ages 3-5 years old.

• Please note: The TLG First Set 2.0 Long is designed for children 42" and under. If your child is shorter than 36" you'll want to check out our TLG First Set  which you can view here. 

• Now available in Right and Left-Handed Versions

The TLG First Set is not designed or intended for use with real golf balls. Please use the included foam balls or any other foam practice ball.


Material Specifications

Club heads are made from highly engineered high-impact plastic, manufactured and engineered for the 'Lightest Weight : Highest Strength' ratio possible. The key to these clubs has always been the weight, which is why they are manufactured using special nylon plastics instead of less expensive alloys.

Shafts are made of a graphite composite material.

Grips are soft and with just the right amount of flex for little hands, made with TPU material (thermoplastic polyurethane).