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Enlarging Your Child's World

"There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all."- Jacqueline Kennedy I am not so sure there is anything that can make a person more powerful, more amazing, more of a superhero, and more purposeful, than a person reading to a child. We love golf and we believe so deeply in the life lessons inherent in golf; sportsmanship, critical thinking, integrity, work ethic, coordination, and on and on. We truly believe that a person who can navigate their way in and around the game of golf, can more easily navigate their..  - Read More

Risk/Reward = Fun Either Way

There are many ways to describe a golf course. Technical aspects, conditions, views and difficulty are all great conversation starters. More complex, is ‘fun,’ because that has much to do about score. Nobody triple bogeys 18 for their third triple in a row and says “boy that course is fun!” Soul golfers might say ‘tough,’ or ‘at least it is pretty.’ The course with a great ‘risk/reward’ hole almost always qualifies that course as fun! It is fun to go for it, it is fun to fail, and it is fun to succeed. On Myrtle Beach National’s, “Kings North” course,..  - Read More

The Littlest Golfer's First Set - Training Clubs for Ages 18m - 5

When we set out to grow the game of golf among the littlest of golfers, it was our TLG First Set that we were most focused on. In fact, the clubs preceded everything but our signature turtles, Putter and Sandy. How can we get kids to fall in love with golf, while they are developing all of their other skills as well? "Thirty yards," "no more slices," "add ten yards..." That is what is being pushed on the adult golfing population. Toddlers do not need '10 extra yards,' but they do need to see the flight of a ball. They..  - Read More

Mulligan Madras

A mulligan in golf is a "do over", and in the case of our Mulligan Madras pants, it's fitting. When we set out to do our own signature madras, we had a few details that we had to get just right. For one, it had to be colorful and fun. It also had to be something that could look good, and have a subtle air of sophistication. And just to make sure it wasn't too easy, we had to come up with something that would seamlessly translate to other fabrics, to be used as a tartan for our character 'Mulligan',..  - Read More

The Right Way to Teach Children the Game of Golf

As golf becomes a world game, children are getting more and more involved in the sport. From a young age, kids from all corners of the globe are working on their craft in hopes of finding consistent success on the links well into their future. The increasing involvement amongst our youth is why golf will continue soaring to new heights. The issue, though, is that golf is extremely challenging. It can also be incredibly frustrating. Due to the precision and exactness required to succeed in the sport, young players need a solid foundation under them when learning the game. Below..  - Read More

Start Younger, Play Longer!

From 3 year old student at GRAA Boot Camp: TLG Ambassador Nicole Weller: "How long have you been playing golf?" Student Max (dead serious): "For ages and ages."  For every kid whose parent or Grandparent can’t wait to get them started in golf, there is another kid who has been playing half his or her life. Greatly intentioned parents often buy toy clubs as an amusement, just to plant a seed, thinking they will introduce ‘real’ golf later. And it works, absolutely! Some kids can’t get enough! Other kids however, might be result driven, and lose interest due to..  - Read More

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