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Enlarging Your Child's World

"There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all."- Jacqueline Kennedy I am not so sure there is anything that can make a person more powerful, more amazing, more of a superhero, and more purposeful, than a person reading to a child. We love golf and we believe so deeply in the life lessons inherent in golf; sportsmanship, critical thinking, integrity, work ethic, coordination, and on and on. We truly believe that a person who can navigate their way in and around the game of golf, can more easily navigate their..  - Read More

Risk/Reward = Fun Either Way

There are many ways to describe a golf course. Technical aspects, conditions, views and difficulty are all great conversation starters. More complex, is ‘fun,’ because that has much to do about score. Nobody triple bogeys 18 for their third triple in a row and says “boy that course is fun!” Soul golfers might say ‘tough,’ or ‘at least it is pretty.’ The course with a great ‘risk/reward’ hole almost always qualifies that course as fun! It is fun to go for it, it is fun to fail, and it is fun to succeed. On Myrtle Beach National’s, “Kings North” course,..  - Read More

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